I’m Meena – Artist, Public Art Consultant, Project Manager & Community Strategist

There’s power in connecting.

It’s what I strive for my work within diverse neighborhoods, larger communities and public service departments. Connecting is what public art does within communities. And I believe that creating quality public artworks for better public health is what a project consultant’s initiative is about, as well.

During more than ten years in the field of non-profit cultural work in Twin Cities and India, I have collaborated with diverse constituencies to develop, plan, and execute innovative arts & education projects and community initiatives. Employing my project management and coordination skills, I developed presenting partnerships with universities and peer nonprofits to diversify audience; and organized media production workshops for adults and youth and youth. As a public art practitioner myself, I have worked with neighborhood associations, schools, business associations, and religious organizations to organize and present community driven projects in the twin Cities. As a project manager I maintain good understanding of new building construction codes, permits and public safety requirements as well as ADA compliance. Think of me as a basketball coach who can also dunk. Some may call it a “role up your sleeves” energy with a listening mode and collaborative approach. Pairing it with effective communication and technical fluency has resulted in successful projects built with quality. 

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

Your first consultation is on me